"The Last Five Years" by composer Jasson Robert Brown was the inaugural production of RoundTable Theatrical, a new theatre company based in my hometown of Moncton, New Brunswick - and the first professional equity company to ever play within the city limits. 

Serving as the Artistic Director of the company, and as Direction/Designer of the production I was responsible for assembling the key team of former local residents (currently leading industry professionals scattered elsewhere in the world) who, for the first time ever brought regional theatre to Moncton. 

In addition to artistic responsibilities, I was also responsible for maintaining a relationship with our sponsors and endorsers - ultimately raising the $25k capitol to get the project off the ground. 

As fleeting as the production was, the overwhelming response from the community was a clear indication that something special was brought home from the big city. As an artist, it was one of the most trying, liberating and important experiences of my career to date.